About Us

TellingTales Press is an independent publishing house based in Nairobi, Kenya. Born at a time when most publishing houses prioritized name over talent, the company was founded by young aspiring individuals who sought to bridge this gap. TellingTales Press brings with it impartiality, professionalism and inclusion with the sole aim of promoting diversity. We acknowledge that the process of transforming a manuscript into a book is not an easy one, especially for the youth, and therefore we mold our services to accommodate and carter for this specific target. This, however, does not shut the door to other target groups. We welcome manuscripts from literally anyone who wishes to experience the excitement and consequent successes of publishing a book.

We currently make use of the hybrid publishing contract model where the publishing house will take care of some of the costs of publishing while the author takes care of the rest. The traditional book publishing deals will be offered to very special cases while some will be subjected to subsidies and sponsorships.

Goals & Objectives

  • To empower the youth through the power of written expression
  • To empower literary marginalized groups by offering a platform to publish and sell their literary works
  • To promote creativity and enhance a reading and writing culture for children, youth and individuals of all ages
  • To provide an avenue to financial incentive for talented but financially incapacitated individuals through subsidies and sponsorship deals


    To achieve and uphold the analogy of read, write, and inspire.

For individuals with outstanding manuscripts but limited finances, TellingTales Press will endeavor to do one of the following:

  1. carter for the whole process of publication
  2. offer a subsidized publishing offer
  3. find a sponsor for your manuscript

By so doing, we will ensure that our company goals and objectives are on track to achieving our vision. This will however be subject to a vigorous vetting process.

You can read this anthology of short stories for free courtesy of Google Books. Follow the link below:

Read Bottled Up Tears