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TellingTales Press, unlike other publishing houses, accepts unsolicited manuscripts from individuals all over the world, throughout the year. Whether you have been previously published or a new author, we will review your manuscript, often within 5 to 8 weeks, and get back to you immediately we reach a decision. You can always expedite the review process (have feedback within 2 weeks) by selecting the expedition package while submitting your manuscript.

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Submission Charges

Since we do not solicit for manuscripts, we have set a manuscript submission rate card with a one-off non-refundable fee for each submission. Please go through our rate card and manuscript submission requirements to understand our manuscript submission process.

Manuscript Rate
less than 100 pages KES 2,000
101 - 150 pages KES 3,200
151 - 200 pages KES 4,000
201 - 250 pages KES 4,800
above 250 pages KES 5,500
Expedition fee KES 4,000

This fee is payable via bank deposit to:

TellingTales Press
KCB Acc. No. 1135580499

If submitting your manuscript using our online form, please attach a scanned copy of the deposit slip in the required field. If you submit your manuscript through our post office address, please attach the deposit slip to the manuscript.

Manuscript Submission Requirements

In order to review and provide timely feedback concerning your manuscript, we will require the following:

  • Properly formatted manuscript
  • A cover letter
  • Synopsis

Manuscript Format

  • 12 pt Times New Roman or Arial, black font color
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • 1 inch margins
  • Word document or PDF (.doc, .docx or .pdf) ONLY

Cover Letter Format

  • Contact details (email, phone number, post office address e.t.c.)
  • 1 page description of yourself and/or career


  • Proposed title of the book
  • Genre of the proposed book
  • Main themes in the proposed book
  • Proposed retail price
  • 1 page summary/synopsis of the proposed book
If you are interested in the expedited review process, please include the expedition fee in your respective manuscript submission rate.

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