Submit Manuscript

Submission Process

There are two ways of submitting your manuscript to us:-

  1. Using our online form (recommended)
  2. Using our post office box

We will contact you when:-

  1. we receive your manuscript
  2. an editor is assigned to review your manuscript
  3. the manuscript review process ends

Once the review process comes to an end, we will contact you with any of these conclusions:-

  1. Manuscript Accepted - with a publishing contract to be signed and mailed back to us
  2. Manuscript Rejected - with recommendations on how to enhance your writing
  3. Manuscript Partially Accepted - with instructions on what needs to be done to be fully accepted

If your manuscript has been accepted, we will make any of these offers:-

  1. A Native Publishing Contract - TellingTales Press will take care of all costs associated with the publishing process
  2. A Hybrid Publishing Contract - TellingTales Press and the author will share the costs of publishing
  3. Sponsorship Proposal - TellingTales Press will try and find sponsors for your book on your behalf (this is only for special cases determined by the company)
If you manuscript is in hard copy and you would like it sent back to you after review, please indicate so on the title page of your manuscript and include a valid post office address.

Submit Manuscript

Post Office Box

Please address your manuscript, accompanied by all required documents, to:-

    TellingTales Press,
    P.O. Box 69728 - 00400,
    Nairobi, Kenya

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