The TellingTales Press Tribe (TTP Tribe)

What is the TTP Tribe?

The TellingTales Press Tribe (TTP Tribe) is an initiative aimed at introducing and sustaining the art of reading and writing in schools through the formation of book clubs called tribes. In a nation where the word "tribe" is often used divisively, the TellingTales Press Tribe leverages on the positive power of identity to create a forum for students in Primary and Secondary Schools. The main objectives of the TTP Tribe are:-

  • Introduce students to the art of writing and authorship
  • Create a forum through which students can interact with their peers (from other schools) and exchange notes with regard to works of literature
  • Nurture and mold students into professional writers (authors) and ardent readers
  • Offer mentorship and career guidance through workshops and motivational speaking from established authors
  • Carry out intra-school and inter-school writing/oral competitions with prizes and a chance at publication for best works
  • Offer training to teachers on how best to encourage reading and writing for their students
  • Offer publishing opportunities to promising students and help them earn while still pursuing their studies

Who can Join?

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Individuals/Volunteers
  • Companies/Corporates

How can we join the tribe?

Joining The TTP Tribe is pretty easy and straight forward, and it is absolutely FREE. If you are interested, please fill in the form provided. We will respond to you promptly with more details about the registration process. Please note that registration requirement(s) may vary depending on what level (school, individual and corporate) you wish to join as.

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